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Premium Only Plans & Flexible Spending Accounts

Managing Employees’ Expenses

With the cost of health insurance continuing to rise, most employers ask their employees to share in the cost of health insurance through premium sharing, deductibles and co-insurance.  By putting a flexible benefit plan in place, both the employer and employees save through tax-preferred methods.

Through our partner, Kushner & Company, you can choose from several options for a Premium Only Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Arrangement or Health Savings Account with no set-up or annual fees!

Self POP = $109 one-time
Full POP = $27.50 monthly
FSA with POP: $5.25 per month per participant ($67.50 minimum)
Full HRA = $5.25 per month per participant ($67.50 minimum)
Self HRA = $109 one-time
Full HSA = $4.25 per month per participant ($52.50 minimum)

*these prices reflect the green-friendly paperless option.

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Self POP Administration Templates

If you’ve purchased the $109 self POP administration option and would like to access your templates, please click through below and enter the password that was provided at the time of enrollment.

Self POP Templates